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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sheogorath's Kiskedrig

Neoliberalism is so effing dumb. Investing in families increases the likelihood that their children will happen to develop into scientists. Investing in science generates market sectors and increases the maximum quality of life, enabling throughput capital, which allows the GDP to grow while decreasing consumption due to the valuation of a labor process that happens to save resources.

At the same time, rich persons spend much smaller percentages of their incomes. This means that the more they make, the less is being spent - the more money persons with this level of money accumulate, the more their Unruh piths with decreasing economic demand.

Tax the rich such that they don't stifle economic growth; use such revenue to invest in citizens and science. Where many rich peops so vehemently reel their fair share post ad their filial saturnfany predisposed them to insecurity and they rationalize every little bit they accumulate makes them safer - unfortunately, it does nothing ab jure environments their kids enroll.

Aqua how was your rubedo?
Turquoise heart still beating on crispus.
There is no star but a lion's kiss!

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