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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Law and Psychology

Psychology does not hold that all relationships are good. It recognizes psychological abuse, emotional health, and developmental psychology. Its good at abstracting reasons that events occur and how those events impact societzens (social citizens). The impacts are usually enough unless a sleight of symbols is required to place concepts within 'touching distance' for the brain to overcome a cognitive bias.

It is possible to abstract a relationship such that a law against it can be passed and instances of that relationship can be identified. The point of such prohibitions is to protect societzens from harm. If psychological examination finds sufficient grounds that a defendant is not a public menace, Society dictates that there is no reason to deter them from being one. This is why we have the insanity plea. If we can deduce that punishment probably has a higher cost to Society than another choice, social logic dictates that punishment is not executed.

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