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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Law of the Land

A good reason to institute trial by jury is that it allows the status of the incident to be evaluated as a social (societal) transgression in a context in which the written law only gives the jury some clarification of the context of the incident but the jury can decide guilt or innocence regardless of how the incident meets the common interpretation of the charge because the case may become more clear to the jury than the law makes it. Jury discretion also protects citizens from judges who happen to be moody or overly influenced by potentiated sentiments. Its a good thing the Framers of the US Consititution were not only Masons but also Enlightenment philosophers.

Good social policy doesn't pump personnel away or retard their problem-solving abilities. The Framers' intent is to protect citizens so that our society may grow and design 'a more perfect union'. As the signs which the Constitution is composed of are useless without a semantic meaning, the document expresses the Framers' intent as the law of the land.

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