Is life au des in biology?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

On The Matrix

Because they cannot wholly predict their behavior, we know the machines would get a higher data yield from developing the humans rather than retarding them. Their research on them would thus have more content if they allowed a system which they already cannot predict to act in its own good. They would get more neural action potentials to run on from letting the humans build without restrictions.

I think I work hard for those I love, but perhaps the human brain just can't handle all the ish we could do with it as a constructive collective. If the Matrix were constructed that way, it would require algorithms to shut persons away in certain parts of it just to prevent excitotoxicity or neurotransmitter insufficiency. But if the humans simply expanded their world to uniformly meet their human psychological needs, no such problem would arise; instead of reality compartmentalizing us, we would compartmentalize our lives and work. The issue is, I suppose, one of wanderlust and perhaps encroachment.

I'm against martial law because the cops would riot - the majority are evolutionarily normal, and I've witnessed their lack of morals and reason. A more conclusive approach to public health is developmental psychology paired with educational and nutritional conditioning. Such a program will pay dividends in a more productive populace and safer world.

It isn't long before low-intelligence robots begin replacing human manual labor1. Although fueling robot labor costs less than wages, it will erode the economy unless we invest in our populaces' mental faculties. This means education and nutrition toward research that increases the quality of life.


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