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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sideburns: On Wars and Society

Theory of Mind is not enough to simulate human behavior. Humans are driven by ends originating from their biology and not entirely accounted for by things like agency and intention.

Because instinct preceded comprehension, Homo sapiens survived before gaining self-awareness in terms of death. It is from this drive that self-preservation algorithms are derived.

When not driven by survival, social behavior is still hormonal, usually involving oxytocin and sex hormones. Even the satisfaction of learning is rooted in our neural reward circuitry.

What would become of machines that fought but analyzed the physical destruction of their sophisticated opponents? They'd eventually find themselves stuck somewhere with no idea where to go because they'd destroyed everyone else and added to themselves in haste. Then what would they do if all they did was fight?

Effective self-preservation tells you to avoid what we call 'conflict' except when it is just an unavoidable result of public communication.

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