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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Soaking Up Subjectivity

I have previously talked about how when we get to know persons our brains are associating them with all sorts of things, resulting in a more connected brain. This truth flies in the face of the framework of totalization, in which an object is reduced to a class. Although cognitive classing is an understandable result of how humans' hippocampi store declarative memory, it is also invalidated by the phenomenon of subjectivity. By observing another, one can understand pieces of that person's subjectivity in all its specificity yet complexity.

While one may construct unique meanings for objects, their uniqueness is a palimpsest. Layer after layer of interpretations (charged with the emotion of evolutionary biopsychology) are placed upon the object.

I think evolutionary biopsychology dictates a more relational approach to happiness than the mastery of a domain. Neuroendocrinology suggests hormone entrainment to grow. Its hypo when one doesn't have the mental faculties they are used to using to make decisions, although its also a bummer when your interpretations don't match up with values you've internalized and you don't know how to adjust your value to your situation.

One reason I like women is that they are better at multitasking1, and its easier for them to add persons to their lives so they soak up more subjectivity. This could be a result of XXs' more diffuse corpus callosa2.


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