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Friday, October 14, 2011

Absolute Asymptote

The richest men on the planet would have to commission employees to grow all the things we need, and they wouldn't be able to figure out how they have the way I - in light of the evidence I here provide as such claim I posit we should invest more in people!

SAM-e is a rate-limiting factor in neurotransmitter endosynthesis. This is why SAM-e supplementation has measurable results in boosting mammalian cognition1. Unfortunately, it also stimulates a chemical reaction resulting in the methylation of DNA2. While hypomethylation in the elderly suggests that such hypermethylation is not persistent, there is a dearth of such research. With more methylation research, the chemical reactions resulting in the modulation of DNA methylation may be controlled; I would suggest some grants toward this scape.

Typical grain-fed eggs are saturated with omega-6 fatty acids which cause inflammation and eventually heart disease.3 Omega-3 eggs are saturated with omega-3 fatty acids instead; but n-3 fatty acids oxidize at cooking temperatures, meaning that whatever molecules reach the temperature of the burner will be toxic. The solution is to give poultry their natural diet of greens, invertebrates, and fruits.

It is the consumption of mostly oxidized cholesterol that results in heart disease4. Unoxidized cholesterol is what hormones are made from. Egg yolks are abundant in cholesterol, so it is better to hard-boil them so less of it oxidizes.

DHEA is a hormone the body metabolizes into testosterone. It is made from pregneneolone, which is endosynthesized from cholesterol.5 There is no significant difference between the blood of old and young rats but that young blood has higher concentrations of hormones which suppress inflammation and stimulate learning; this is what accounts for the improvement in the memories of old rats fed the blood of young ones6. But on DHEA, I could not follow philosophy and misrepresented myself to women. The energy was great, but I was less responsible. Insomnia and uncomfortable sensations were also present as my hormones adjusted from two 25mg doses over two days. The reason I experienced these side effects on DHEA but not cholesterol is that cholesterol is metabolized into pregneneolone, which is converted into both the DHEA and progesterone families of hormones. What I suggest is pregneneolone delivered in timed-release capsules such that their hormone products hit the body at the same rate as a bioactively equivalent dose of cholesterol taken at the same time.

Carotenoids are used in the endochemical repair process of DNA7. The B vitamins in spinach are rate-limiting factors of the metabolism of toxic homocysteine into SAM-e8.

In fire of these shortcomings, "I'm getting a keyboard Kindle for Christmas: lalaalala. It won't fit in my pocket like a smartphone. I can't get up somewhen, trouser giwo."

I need a Kindle Fire tablet because indexes often fail me as a researcher and I want a platform9 that doesn't need to run a general-purpose OS to play music."

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4You would have to double your lifespan for unoxidized cholesterol to pose the same risk:
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