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Friday, October 7, 2011

There Are Theories And Then Considerations

Although rightfully belonging to the class of science, psychology is ridden with emperical-British positivism. British empericism is a philosophy claiming that knowledge can be obtained only by experience. It is characterized by reckless experimentation.

Although psychology can be understood as a scientific school, the field is rampant with professionals positing ideas as crazy as the reckless experimentation of British empericists. Just as a British empericist may proceed with any crazy plan, so might such a psychologue carry on with theories just as mad.

The readiness with which peops (people) may accept a false theory is demonstrated by the Westermark effect. As an anthropologist, Westermark observed that partners who were introduced too early in arranged marriages are not sexually attracted to each other. Such reverse sexual imprinting was later found by the global psychological community to be the norm for childrens' relationships with their parents.1

Case studies entail complex instances of statistically interpreted phenomena. Statistics are valid and useful, but anomalies in their application to objects merit further inquiry to discover how such deviations arose.

Good psychology learns the content of an essay but is not too predisposed to interpret situations in its terms. It instead uses case studies to revise the essays' theories.

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