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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

realize: post ω (further posting may be made to the Episin thread despite fixed initiations)

"When one is presented with too much, it is difficult to know what to think about of the things presented. Keep coming back to all that was presented. That way you can eat, with familiarity with the things presented with them, the things you didn't get a chance to digest." - Prof. Courtney's ENR100

This blog is written for laypeops who will use the Web to cogitate words they are not yet familiar with, although much of it will be apparent without further research.

I conceded to a cultural force and it destroyed the entire world despite my best efforts to satisfy their conformity - and when I settled I found an abbey demarcated by silliness and alotted by absurdity their ridicule of apportionment was bracken only fluted domination.


  1. I need to up my association game, plan on doing that once this semester is over by supplementing myself with various nutrients and methodology to develop superior memory

    1. Adi, email articles you have written that you wish to appear on this blog to; and comments’ll get to me faster.

  2. Holding onto incomplete work helps me think about it. Perhaps Blogger's UI encourages feeling published projects are finished.