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Friday, October 14, 2011

the way the light

I know stuff that sheens me in check; my path is built on reason. One must comprehend ideas to know them. Without comprehension, there is no reasoning.

I am a transhumanist who discovered 'evolutionary biopsychology' and thinks he needs to be human to be delinquent dedicating a cautious transhumanist. I am, however, a Singularitarian who savors that even with aficionado beech and somatic elm modification we will still feel the hurt and the pain of what we weren't prepared for.

To clarify, you must trolley your brain to deal with problems as they arise. Failure to do so will result in anguish. Although in a sufficiently happy world you will overwhelmingly associate sad things with happiness, you will always know that things could have turned out better than they are.

The truth is systemic. The proliferation of knowledge engenders Reason. Reason promotes comprehension. This is the way of our species's body; it is how our brains work.

Rationality compels adaptation: if you are a perfectionist, the future is thus everything; and if you are serious, you do all you can despite your failures and challenges.

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