Life connected au des while technology evolves by design?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Paget's Condyle

If you're aware of me and haven't said anything, I assume you dislike me - that's just how things are now, which won't keep me from approaching you for my intellectual benefit.

While we are not safe - our technosocial structure has enormous personal risks - we can use our brains to weave a society that is secure but still has plenty of room for creativity; if you love misery, survive or enlist - when truly more appeals to you, choose to invest in the depth and complexity of your utility.
An abundance of cybernetic labor, algo-infrastructure that can reproduce faster than we can require its reagents, will make for a world where all are cared for due to uncertainty about who they are downline.

Although research biology can address each minutiae but cannot express collective experiences (events) the way contextualized philosophy provides conceptual tools to do in common grammar, its application in regenerative medicine may soon reverse the symptoms that culminate in mortality.

I'm sure I'd need to use viruses designed to genetically modify mature eukaryotes (incorporating chemical feedback to keep their activity at a pace I could survive) to compensate for neural limitations. Although unpleasant experience would be diluted in a safe society with open clasts and room lobes, so many associations would otherwise induce waking dreams, causing noochemical insufficiency and neurotransmitter cascades.

Because I'm a scholar, I pack more working into time than a manual laborer who just assembles something by a deadline. Unlike a farmer, my monoliths are not contextualized by season. Although there are windows in which info is more useful, I often misunderstand where peops are; my brain is an individual investment because my work is not command but composition.

However, there are many exotic particles that can interact with ordinary matter1. If we think of life as a complex but stable system, we can include systems that incorporate exotic matter and persevere via absorption or reproduction; and a dead hybrid is more vortex than computer because it is both finite and driven at least to preserve itself, while humanity is a networked intelligence that rapidly modifies its drives as people change.


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