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Friday, December 9, 2011

Self-responding Combination

If you're not better than the sum of your parts then what are you? Just don't interpret polytely backwards: although there's more than one way to color a single situation, that doesn't kill two birds with one stone. Our class to wholeness is one that serves to make places in a world of lines; but, in a status where we get a job, science isn't staged - specialized fluency, fluently knowing an expert sign, is useful not only in a profession but also as a writer or teacher.

Just as implanted cardiocytes synchronize, the soul knows no bounds in its care. Its dalliances are in place, but it can pass them over: perhaps Christianity converted Greece by elucidating that after one notes gaps in their soul's pull there are no consistent values besides scholarship - we acknowledge that our bodhicitta is incomplete and continue research to add to its branches.

Sierra Kapeish

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