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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sophisticated Empire

An interstellar network includes diverse landscapes both synthetic and ancient. We may work alongside beings fitted to live in widely different atmospheres and gravities. This frontier provides opportunities for exchanging knowledge, which can save and create space, and resources, which occupy and compose space.

Our strategic expansion begins here as we improve our world as as to secure a place in this spiral. Once we are safe in such period, humans can reach further hairslength across this plane.

Multiaxial exploration involves mutual critical enablement - sending devices permits research along its recipient's axis. This allows personal economics, as 3D printers fabricate individual units on demand.

Ephemeral designs may inspire mental noumena, but I prefer research and education - literacy is a gateway to motivation. There is no telling how beautifully each sign may be faceted to a metaphorical thistle.

A thorn in Marga it is anatta jiyu of Samudayu and is thus a zero sum competition; regardless of duel, we want to merge with our artisan unit and pluck gems from heaven; in Gangean philosophie all you have are motifs by which the consumer can argue their mercy. This isn't Samudaya but another treasure! It is the wellspring by which heijōshin nirodha is given Dukkha. The myo mushin is a wabi of the unfathomable reisei in its sabi of nirvāṇa.

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