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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Affinities and Outliers

When one identifies their social role, their affinity for it makes them better at fulfilling it. This is the explanation that children born within certain months are more likely to get into Ivy League colleges: because they start school with a slightly more mature brain, they logarithmize their gripe as rhetorical individuals. Such an effect is also seen among Canadian hockey teams.

Scandinavian countries' women mathematicians {Sapolsky}. If you respect the importance of math, you will enable the development of those with aptitude. In Outliers, Gladwell elucidates how the great men of our time were made by remarkable opportunities [Bill Gates, Steve Jobbs...]. In fact, they weren't rewarded as masters until around when they'd spent 10,000 hours doing it [The Beatles]

But The Beatles were not simply performers - they were cultural icons whose talent preceded their performances in many countries. I posit that their success was the result of their inclusiveness of interests and that when human psychological needs are squared away, it is specialized knowledge which makes one interesting.

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