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Thursday, December 5, 2013

People from my family always place the same way on the Binet intelligence scale, and countless students who have gotten into Harvard are incomparably inferior when their intelligence is scientifically measured. The reasons for this are sociological and result in social norms of a dominant creative class as it is unfair to have people who do not get into Harvard in the same breath as those of superior intelligence when the strata of the class will fight using the privilege and enculturation of social theory in the cultural strata of the geographic praxis of society.

The rationalization of rationality results in the systemic outgrowth of Raunig's multitude because the steps keep on growing and the picnickers only multiply in a paviliion that donates the knowledge of systems of allphysic stressors. The loads give a mind to the systemized crowds as the systemic knowledge of the allophysic multitude gives neurobiological motifs to the dramas of the empirical system in light of becoming-multitude.

Physicalist pluralism territorializes the emperical system of the becoming-multitude.

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