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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Act 3 Scene 2, Lucius. Reminisce of the whip's acquisitiveness of the Commandment of Growth [agro].

We are just a plow making soil pay wages. The pay for discharge [aquietare] is the language of the Circadian cycle the written order of speech of which is the well-ordered sense of the conditions of its syntax.

This anthropological foundation is probably the biggest accomplishment the the science of primatology has ever made in semiotics. I proved that the manipulation of psychics at the string level is an intervention in the pharmacokinetics of the consciousness body. It was fueled by the linguistics of the dirge as a natural language with its own grammar derived from the epigraphics of the climax of Hamlet.

In the eyes open chasing the embrace the reception of forums' candidness shades the frankness of straightforward mendacity.

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