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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wiesel's Proclamation

When you do something to a boy anyone could say, "Look this violation of the myths of conventional ethics justifies aggression." That's the only way to have a presumption that ethics is part of our society. So why not make it part of the mythology of our people.

The subject is construed by its mirth and conviction of its thoughts about memoirs, and when you think of the power of peoples as shared the memoir its reasoning is that the victims of class inequality are a hole in the presumptions of social equality.

If power is not something that is vertically exercised but is shared in the ethics of all races, decisions are guided by the ethics of a memoir of private thoughts about the conditions and celebration of the hegemonic storyline. It is this memoir that illuminates the culture of a storyline and makes the philosophy of its hegemonic sujet (syuzhet) something that is the result of reasoning or thoughts; without this the storyline would rob the pagent of participation of the human drama that collectively make it embroidering.

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