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Friday, March 21, 2014

King's Chauvanism

Cultural relevatism touches every strata of society and is reminiscent of the pushy simplemindedness of marginalized children put into a classroom with the upper members of society. Like the reinforcement of tradition by backwards convivialities it makes itself felt in the social norms of a culture that is conveyed by the effect of a social norm on the effects of other social norms and is affected by the independent parts of the mind on systems of knowledge. You can cling to your self-representation, but ultimately you will see a task of spiritual reckoning that requires the extent of your humanity. When you accept the full limitations of actuality you'll find there is ceterus paribus no rapture. You can only enjoy life, love and philosophy.

When countries can grow to the size of modern superpowers and remain unaffected by rates of violence of the most violent cities what we need is more ways to inflict harm, and society cannot survive without this guarantee of divergent indictment. The travails of the forces of effectual bias pale and flounder in the face of interested compassion. There can only be celebration. The society of options has no time for condemnation or orthodoxy. It's realistically-scaled.

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