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Friday, April 18, 2014

Misfortune's Sermon

The auspices of my own brain only means something because of medicine, due to misfortune. This edification of the brain makes its vestiges of subjective consciousness the result of innocence; it is only because the centers of social experiences yield a phenomenologically interesting science that subjective experiences have a meaning in philosophy.

To think dauntlessly of earthly horrors is to think nothing of what the child shudders at, and to not know what is dreadful but to not know what it truly is is only the failing of natural man. But what would be said to one who claims his nobility exempts him from shuddering at the dreadful? It is most likely that the thing you don't want to happen grips the fear of the dreadful as if the phobias were the same as any other insult to what he knows he is.

Therefore, you would choose a terrible aversion that evades the dreadful by whatever gains and compromises are available. But this is not to say you should do more harm than is allowed by your evasion of truly terrible adversities. Rather you might decide on a usefulness of idols or an utilitarianism of the name as it is demonstrated by the tenderness of the immanence of anthropological phenomena.

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