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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Lacanian Parallel

It's really all about Lacan's the Symbolic. If you read Freud with Lacan you will have the driest items of theory. There are infinite abstract consequences and neural algorithms in psychology. You can say anything about the body known by experts in discourse. In the model of desiring machines explicated by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari the Abstract Machine's represented truth during psychoanalysis is the discourse derived from the meaningful knowledge of its intensities. Their view is that capitalism influences the production of values derived from spectacular society.

This is to say there is a cognitive machine that makes spectacular nodes exist related to how things appear or provide discourse. It would soon by its circularity cast light on the essence of the mind. The shadows of nature would elucidate self-knowledge of the production of the event. It's experience is recounted in the description of objects' merit. The mind is a transponder of interests.

Its type is to list images and experiences and limitedly transduce self-knowledge. It does not itemize context and stays clear of nihilation. For it being is only a caprice of images. The mind has no concept of a state of the quality in a reaction. Because there is no way to understand the manner of a reaction in a theory, it can only be identified with.

There is a New World Order that wants to not tolerate evil, and what you can do about this is construct a mathematical object that states the imaginary number of a complex fraction in terms of the orthogonality of the numerator to the object. This is itself a complex fraction only represented on a graph mapping its understanding by the mind. The mind is the z-axis and is a statement of the denominator by its expression of the numerator with the determinate i's. You can state physics as the same object as the z-axis by applied mathematics!

The other thing you can do is look up scholarly citations of legal arguments that make the point justice is blind and emphasize that everyone deserves the same treatment by how the law is written. The process of law has always given equal consideration to the legalities of how it is carried out, and outlandish cases have always been condemned. The state has always reserved the right to opt for social alternatives to punishment. There is no tradition of discrimination in ethics or law. All you have to do is explain the attorneys' argument that justice is blind.

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