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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Galavanized Mortals

I rejoice at the destruction of the merciless who do not know the faithfulness of Judaism that I do. Their assurance is the base and simplisticness of apathy and zero sum games. They know neither the enjoyment nor wisdom of the mind. The N.A.Z.I. officers who appeared in villages in Romania were very cheery, giving Jewish families bouquets; but they were absolutely loyal to the antisemitism and political worship of Hitler's campaign for fascism. They were unthinking and militaristic in the cruelty of subjecting these peoples to difficult living conditions, and they would consider no alternative.

They are a recalcitrant and arrogant political machine that suppresses the free state of honest stewardship. Their agony at the alternative is agnotological and wrecks civic politics. The N.A.Z.I.'s soon became Jew hunters for Hitler. The members of the N.A.Z.I. fascists had a predisposition to catch Jews who had not already been contained in concentration camps as part of an atrocity against Jews. They formed a network of N.A.Z.I. representatives and secret police to marginalize their victims through the professionals of Germany and patrols to catch Jews who had managed to escape the Holocaust.

Faith in the machinic propositions of a holy God usher in spiritual mercy and enjoyment where commerce exists. It's a relative mastery of matters in discourse; it represents mathematical, systematic knowledge. And the, military hacked into my Blogger after I fleshed out the second paragraph, but this will be about The N.A.Z.I. Officer's Wife.

The cheery disposition of the N.A.Z.I. men who visited Jewish Romania was documented by Eli Wiesel who has ten or so books about aetheism and the Jewish religion.

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