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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Galavanized Mortals

I rejoice at the destruction of my enemies who do not know the faithfulness of sway that I do. Their assurance is the base and low mirth of noncommital consensus and battles. They know not the enjoyment of intelligence or persuasiveness of acumen. The N.A.Z.I. officers who appeared in villages in Romania were very cheery, giving Jewish families bouquets; but they were determined and absolutely loyal to Hitler's orders to contain these people in ghettos. They were unthinking and militaristic in containing these people in impoverished and cramped areas.

They are troublesome and arrogant and are a nuisance to the citizenry of their lands. Their agony of the disempowerment is fruitless and wrecks their friends' devices. The N.A.Z.I.'s soon became Jew hunters. The members of the N.A.Z.I. party had a predisposition to catch Jews who had not already been contained in concentration camps. They formed a network of N.A.Z.I. representatives and secret police to marginalize their victims through the professionals of Germany and patrols to catch Jews who had managed to escape the Holocaust.

To know that you are better and know what it means to worship God is what the mechanics, of how we know what nuptials, are pitches to the judicious man of its subject. And the, military hacked into my Blogger after I fleshed out the second paragraph, but this will be about The N.A.Z.I. Officer's Wife.

The cheery disposition of the N.A.Z.I. men who visited Jewish Romania was documented by Eli Wiesel who has ten or so books about aetheism and the Jewish religion.

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