Is life au des in biology?

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Neptune's Trident

As the classes in society develop a tendency to systematically sully people it becomes necessary to enforce an intentional ban on their disparaging and misleading attitudes. These behaviors stemming from hatred and apathy are a danger to probity. They are a social disease affecting all members of the community. The positivity bias reduces scruffy academics to swine giving each other sores as they struggle to exploit their advantage against the similarly bucolically gored peers.

The attitudes that constitute hate speech are defamatory to a civic authority. The offices of political democracy are legally related to the figurehead and act in lockstep with the Constitution. The instruments of the office are personal significations of power where found. Thinking anything disparaging their strategies would be dishonoring the natural order of things. The purpose of the civil law is to curtail social ills.

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