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The Pentamagical Elixir

I have biological proof my formula to prevent cardiovascular disease causes eternal youth as a side effect.

The first elixir I advise consuming is a product called Mitochondrial Basics from the Life Extension Foundation.

The second is Source of Life Gold. This multivitamin contains co-enzyme Q10.

The third cure for aging I will draw your attention to is a product that protects the body from metabolic byproducts. Optimized Resveratrol with Berry Actives is the perfect dose of flavonols and anthocyanins for heart health.

The fourth elixir is simply shrimp. You can eat any kind of seafood; but deveined, packaged shrimp every day is enough to prevent lipid disorders.

The critical supplement is a genetic therapy called CarotenAll that with four cups of organic tea in the span of a day reverses DNA aging.

Finally, you must regularly consume Trehalose Complex to remove cellular garbage from and around cells.

I also recommend wheat grass, a product called Lipex for mental health problems, and brushing with Pronamel.

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